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5 Juicing Recipes for Health

New year, new you? No? Me either! Actually, I don’t do new year’s resolutions because they are temporary, and unless they are aligned to my greater goals, what’s the point? I do goal planning annually, and review the actions I need to take regularly to achieve them. One of the things I set my sites on long ago was to improve my health. Not the fitness kind of health (although, that’s part of a it), but the nutritional side.

If you know my story, I had a lot of healing to do. To boost my nutritional intake to give my body what it needed so that it could  perform its healing magic, I started juicing. I bought my first juicer, and started experimenting. I was fortunate to have my family members willing to try out my juicing concoctions, too, and we’d rate how we did or did not like each recipe, and then adjust it accordingly.

In fact, our favorite is this green juice (surprised?)! Never, ever, did I think this would be “a thing” for me,...

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