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Cooking Workshops Coming This Fall!

Exciting news! You can sign up for a live, online cooking workshop with me, and learn how to cook some deliciously healthy meals! You can also sign up for in-person workshops - coming soon! 

Want to learn how to make this incredibly flavorful stuff squash you see pictured? Or how about some deliciously creamy and comforting soup? The recipes have been kid-approved, adult-approved, and are gluten-free and dairy-free (but are way too good to even notice!). Did I forget to mention that they are vegetarian and vegan-friendly, too? Meat-eaters, you can join us, too!

Is something specific you'd like to have a workshop on? Let me know! Be sure to sign up to be notified when registration will be open for the first few. 

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The Single Ingredient You Should Have Been Eating All Along


This is one thing that every single cell in your body needs. It's one of three macronutrients, and tastes amazing when consumed. We crave it. Check this video out to learn what "it" is!

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Three Incredible Health Benefits From This One Plant


In less than three minutes, you'll learn three incredible health benefits to this one vegetable. Yep! VEGETABLE. We use it as an herb or spice, often, but it's actually a vegetable. Watch this video and learn one quick and easy way to boost your health, quickly!

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