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Healthy Snacks For Kids (or Kids At Heart)

Hey, friends! We've all been there – the never-ending quest for snacks that make our little munchkins (or grand-munchkins) happy while keeping them healthy. Well, I've got a game-changer for you: the Campfire Banana Bliss! It's a seriously tasty combo of bananas, pure peanut butter, and dairy-free dark chocolate chips. Oh, and did I mention it's roasted to perfection over a campfire or right in your oven? Trust me, your kiddos won't get enough of this delicious treat that's secretly packed with nutrients! And, you just to be clear, you don't actually have to have any munchkins at all to make this!

1. The Power of Peanuts: Say hello to our peanut buddies – they're not just tasty but also full of goodness! Pure peanut butter, and by "pure" I mean the sugar-free, no additives kind, brings that nutty awesomeness and healthy fats to the party. Those good fats are heart-friendly and keep our little adventurers fueled up for action. And hey, protein, anyone? Peanuts got you covered, keeping those hunger pangs at bay!

2. Bananas: Nature's Little Sweethearts: Now, let's talk about bananas – the ultimate superheroes of the fruit world! These yellow champs are loaded with potassium, which helps keep our hearts in tiptop shape and muscles super relaxed. Plus, they're packed with vitamin C, making sure our kiddos' immune systems are rocking!

3. Dark Chocolate's Sweet Secret: Who knew dark chocolate could be so good for us? And yep, we're going dairy-free for this party! Dark chocolate chips bring the taste of heaven and have antioxidants called flavonoids, fighting off those pesky free radicals. Plus, they're like a little mood booster, lifting spirits and boosting brain power!

Recipe: Campfire Banana Bliss Ingredients:

  • Ripe bananas (one for each kiddo)
  • Pure peanut butter (additive-free for the win!)
  • Dairy-free dark chocolate chips 
  • Aluminum foil


  1. Ready, Set, Stuff:

    • Leave those bananas in their cool peels but cut them lengthwise to make room for all the yumminess!
  2. Fill 'Em Up, Buttercup:

    • Time to scoop in some pure peanut butter. Don't hold back – be generous with the nutty goodness!
    • And here comes the sweet surprise! Sprinkle those dairy-free dark chocolate chips all over the peanut butter party. Oh yeah!
  3. Wrap 'Em Up and Get Toasty:

    • Wrap each banana in aluminum foil, giving them a cozy little blanket for roasting.
    • Now, it's campfire time! Place those wrapped banana buddies over the hot coals. Turn 'em around for about 5-7 minutes, or until the peanut butter and chocolate go all melty and gooey.
    • No campfire? No problem! Pop 'em in the oven at 350°F (175°C) for about 10 minutes. Ta-da!
  4. Snack Attack:

    • Unwrap your warm and dreamy Campfire Banana Bliss – time to dig in!

In a Nutshell: Who said healthy snacks had to be boring? Let's go bananas with the Campfire Banana Bliss! This tasty treat brings together ripe bananas, pure peanut butter, and dairy-free dark chocolate chips for a snack that's both delish and nutritious. From heart-loving peanuts to immune-boosting bananas and mood-boosting dark chocolate, this treat is a winner for both taste buds and health-conscious parents. So, whether you're on a camping adventure or just chillin' at home, whip up the Campfire Banana Bliss and watch those little smiles light up the room! Happy snacking, everyone! 🍌🔥🍫

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